Before you begin, ensure your iPad installed KryptoPOS app from App Store, place your paper roll inside the printer and the LAN cable is connected to the back of the printer. 


Step 1
To perform a Feed Test by turning the printer OFF. Press and hold the FEED button and keep holding it while you turn on the printer. Release the FEED button only when a paper is printed out. Then, press the FEED button one more time for the second paper and quit the Feed Test. This paper will show your IP address.

Your Epson printer's Default IP will likely be:

Step 2

Go to your iPad > Settings > Wi-Fi. Connect to your router access point


Step 3
Press the circular ( i ) button next to your router access point name. Under IP address, you'll see DHCP, BootP and Static. Tap STATIC and ensure the fields are filled up as below:

(Note**: If you're using iOS 11 and above, press the circular ( i ) button next to your router access point name. Under IPV4 ADDRESS, press Configure IP and you'll see Automatic, BootP and Manual. Tap Manual)

Your iPad's IP Address should be: (the last 3 digits must be different for each printer. Choose any number starting from 161. In this guide, we will be using 188).

Your Subnet Mask should be:

Your Router should be:


Step 4
On your iPad, press the Home button, then open Safari or Google Chrome browser. In the URL address bar, type in and you'll see a page appear.


On the left panel, go to Configuration > TCP/IP and ensure you change the highlighted fields to match the image below:

Get IP Address – Manual

Set using Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA) – Disable

Set using PING - Disable
IP Address -
Subnet Mask -
Default Gateway -



Step 5
Press the RESET button.

In a few moments, your printer would make a slight 'click' sound. This signifies the configuration is complete.

If nothing happens, simply turn the printer off and on.


Step 6
Go back to the iPad's Settings > Wi-Fi > Connect to your router access point and tap on the circular ( i ) button and tap on DHCP.

*If you're on iOS 11, find Configure IP > Make it Automatic and Save.

The Wi-Fi network should be connected.