In this section, we will learn how to add an item to your order list and perform a transaction.

Step 1

Key in your customers order by tapping on the relevant category and then select the correct item in the KryptoPOS order screen.

If you can’t find the item, you can also search for your products using the magnifying glass icon. Enter your item in the search box and you will automatically be presented with the search results.

Step 2

After completing adding all the items to the order list, tap on Pay with the full amount to proceed the payment.

Step 3

Select the payment method that the customers wish to use.

Step 4

Confirm the tendered amount and tap on Pay Now.

Step 5

On the Payment Complete screen, tap on Print to print out a receipt/invoice or enter a valid email address to send an e-receipt to your customer.

Tap OK to return back to the order screen to proceed with your new order.