Let’s tap on the KryptoPOS App icon from your iPad Home Screen to launch the app.

Step 1

Enter your username and password to login to the KryptoPOS App for the first time.

Step 2

It will take a few seconds and possibly up to a minute for the first time synchronization to complete.

Step 3

Key in your employee 4-digit PIN to log in.

Step 4

Tap Open Shift to create your first shift on the POS. You can input the float amount that you are starting your shift with over here. If there is no float amount, then input 0.00

You will then be able to access the POS.

Step 5

Tap the menu button on your left top corner.

Step 6

Tap Sync, follow by Sync Now to perform your first-time synchronization.


Wait for this process to be completed. After reaching 100%, you may tap the ‘X’ on the right top to return back to the main menu screen.

Step 7

Lastly, to get your categories and items updated on the POS app. You need to tap HERE on the empty order list to refresh your POS App.

That it! You are ready to perform your first transaction.